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If however there are active termites or some termite history and conducive conditions are removed, you might have a Timber Safe policy in place instantly without the need for a Termite Management System. So for reassurance from termites, contact us now for an inspection report and completely free insurance policy assessment. .

Prevention or early detection of termite activity is the critical means of reducing the expenses related to termite damage. Termites are underground and secretive by nature, they could fit through gaps as small as 1.5mm, and will travel underground to get to your home. The queen termite is an egg-laying machine, capable of residing for at least 2 5 years and producing around 2,000 eggs per day (thats over 9 million eggs in her life )! This equates to 30 termite colonies out of a queen that is 1.

Every year, lead to more damage than flood and fire combined and termites infest 1 in 4 homes in Australia. Thats more than $1 billion dollars! The typical homeowner then has to fork out $7,000-$8,000 in repair expenses, however this can easily tally up to countless thousands of dollars if termites are left unnoticed for a long enough.



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Federal Pest Control provides guaranteed protection against damage repairs and future termite treatment costs once You've Got oneOf our termite systems installed to your home. .



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The CSIRO & Australian Standards recommends an yearly termite inspection as the very first line of defence to when trying to guarantee the safety of your home. Your house is your largest investment concerning money, effort and enjoy, so you want the very best supplier for your termite control needs. .

Industry studies show that termite infestation can lessen the value of a house . Highlighting that a possible home would be removed by 7 4% of official website prospective buyers from their shortlist if it had been to have termites. Emphasising how routine inspections' costs are in comparison to the loss of equity in your home that could stem from termite infestation. .

Our management companies include both visual and termite inspections and pre-purchase house inspections. If you are concerned visite site about the threat termites can cause to your current property you may trust Federal to give you the facts in an easy to read format and also to provide you with right advice, our team will clarify any issues that are identified with your home and provide detailed recommendations for overcoming the issue, so you could be sure youve made the best decision for you and your family. .

Whats the first step to take to protect your home Simple. Start with a Termite Inspection & Report, by a Competent Federal Pest Control tech. That will let you know at risk your home is or if termites are already there.  Supplying you with instructions to help eliminate conditions conducive to termite infestations. .



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To organise a termite inspection and peace of mind, complete the form below Federal today or telephone.

Likelihood of Termite Attack The risk of attack may vary based on where you live in Australia. This map below is the most reliable resource for revealing that the trend that is termite. It reveals that basically all of Australia's populated areas are subject to also a high likelihood of attack on homes and high termite activity. .

Source: does this imply to you It is important to note that the main factor affecting termite hazard is fever, followed by rainfall. If you reside in a region of Australia be aware of termites! And if you live in Australia's tropical check my blog coastal regions be even more aware of termites! .



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Termites are active in most of Australia's populated regions and present, so familiarize yourself together and how to protect your house from termite damage that is expensive-to-repair and extensive is critical.



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They Buy In Termites are usually referred to as white ants (because they are creamy white in appearance) but theyre not really ants at all. There are more than three hundred and fifty species of  termites  in  Australia  but  just about twenty or so cause economic damage to homes.

They even tunnel through the ground then build mud shelter tubes the side of structures to gain access into the building. Different species of termites can make more than one sort of the sorts of nests so its termite nest isn't a problem! Its better to presume shield against attack and they're all a problem.

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